What does Erectile Dysfunction mean?

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a condition when a male experiences trouble getting an erection or keeping it for satisfying sexual intercourse. ED or impotence can be caused by different factors but most cases are characterized by not enough blood flow into the penis, preventing an erection. Erectile dysfunction is a very common condition affecting approximately 50 % of men over 40 years of age have some difficulty getting and maintaining an erection. So one of the main factors for ED can be the age, still many experts consider that it is not the age, but other conditions which a person acquires with age contribute to ED development. Like any other conditions ED is not the same for different males or ED is individual. Some men can get an erection, but lose it before sexual intercourse is complete. Some males cannot get an erection at all. ED can be of mild, moderate or severe character, but in all cases there are effective treatment methods that can be helpful in the coping with the problem. So if you experience ED symptoms consult your doctor. It is the right step to start the treatment of your problem.